Monday, March 2, 2009

Cupcake Tally


10:00am - Carrot cake cupcake at Tazza in Brooklyn Heights.

1:30pm - Blue frog cupcake from La Delice in Gramercy (GROSS but awesome looking).


12:15am - Billy's vanilla-vanilla cupcake.

12:45pm - Dim Sum red bean paste rice ball from deep in Chinatown (the Chinese equivalent of a cupcake, and I actually had 2).

5:00pm - The last of the almond Oscar cupcakes.

11:15pm - Freak out.
Maybe a cupcake detox is in order? I mean, this is pretty bad...even for me. Still, it is currently snowing out so it isn't like I need to dress for warm weather. And there is my expanding collection of leggings to consider....they are so comfy AND cute. Plus, it seems that all the magazines are showing how you can transfer your winter clothes to spring. I certainly hope that applies to long cardigans that cover cupcake tops...
Yes, it seems my "research" can continue as long as Danskin makes pants with 98% spandex.
I'm not worried.

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