Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cupcake top

I think I have a cupcake gut. Either that or buying irregular
pantyhose was a bad idea. Scratch that. Irregular pantyhose are without a doubt a bad idea. And you should not put them on at 8 am while consuming a homemade whoopie pie (yum! created with flair by a former investment bank employee - more on that another day).

In an effort to save money because of the failing American infrastructure I bought irregular pantyhose at a discount store. To be fair, I didn't know they were irregular (though maybe the $2 price tag should have tipped me off). Also, this is the second time I have worn them even though one leg is shorter and kinda cuts off blood flow and they give me a muffin (cupcake?) top.

Yeah, the gut is definitely the pantyhose. It can't be my two a day baked good habit. Thinking about it though, it totally beats the substance abuse habit that most (ok, "most" is a bit extreme...the higher than average substance abuse habit) lawyers have in New York. A habit that is getting worse as we all watch our job security go out the window, our clients go under and our colleagues get shown the door with severance packages that seem just compensation until you realize that 3 months goes really fast and there are no jobs. To avoid confusion, I am talking about baked good habits. I (fortunately) don't know all that much about substance abuse habits, but based on the fact that no one seems to be going out in NY anymore, I think that means either people can't afford that habit or they are drinking grain alcohol at home. Either way, makes $2.50 seem pretty great for a cupcake that provides all of the initial rush (and guilt) of more questionable vices without the hangover (unless you count having to drag yourself out of bed to go to the gym).

So, let us all eat cake.

Tip of the day: any cake, cupcake or cookie (even a package mix) can be made into a delicious delicacy by adding just a few little items...maybe throw in some club soda instead of milk to make it fluffier, add almond extract to really modify the flavor, or, my personal favorite, place little balls of frozen cookie dough in cupcake batter to provide a little surprise to those who choose to indulge.

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