Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Slow Food

There is just so much food related news to write about today that it is kinda unfortunate that I am on a food journal diet that, according to Jillian Michaels' Master Your Metabolism, should also be organic. Of course, that would not stop me from salivating over/reading about/ok, fine, eating all of NYC's amazing offerings today.

First up, the New York Times piece on a burger club that ranks burgers throughout the city. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT? I mean sure, that is pretty much what I do with cupcakes (although, sadly, I do it alone), but burgers are my favorite savory food! There is nothing I like more than a juicy burger with fries followed by a cupcake (R.I.P. Burgers & Cupcakes). Even Obama and my man Joe Biden went out for burgers this week (though I heard theirs were served with cheesy tater tots...). My top burgers? Bistro Burger at Corner Bistro ($2.50 McSorleys), Burger Joint burger (with a side of fries and attitude) and Shake Shack (frozen custard).

Second, Babycakes has a cookbook. I went to Borders to check it out (when I bought my Jillian guide to not being a fat cow). I still reject that place (one word: DRY) and I think their recipes are insanely complicated. I also do not know what some of their ingredients actually are...and doesn't that defeat the purpose of this type of cooking? Aren't you not supposed to eat things if you don't know what they are? I mean, clearly that would prevent me from eating delicious items like the contents of the Hillshire Farms holiday baskets so I don't actually aspire to such lofty ideals...but Babycakes should.

Third, KGC. You know what I'm talking about...Kentucky Grilled Chicken...which apparently is brought to us all by Oprah Winfrey for free. For a limited time (no, not mother's day, the coupon is specific) you can save $3.99 and get two pieces of managers choice KGC along with a biscuit and two sides. FREE MEAT. Ok, yes, $3.99 is actually cheaper than the lean cuisines I buy at Gristede's for lunch every other day of the week, but that didn't stop me from heading over to take advantage of this sweet deal courtesy of Oprah. How she became tied to this offer I have no idea. Clearly grilled chicken is a healthier choice, but combining 200 calories of chicken with 300 calories of biscuit, 250 calories of coleslaw and 350 calories of mac n' cheese is not going to win you any weight loss contests. No worries though, the line was so long that I immediately turned around and went to get a salad with no dressing instead (it was that or Magnolia and I decided to save room for beer and sliders tonight). Others didn't handle the situation as well and apparently riots broke out when the manager denied patrons their free chicken. That's right - a food riot - complete with screaming and some physical contact. Fast food, free lunch, talk show hosts making bizarre endorsement decisions and riots...You can't make this stuff up.

So yes, I will just have to wait until another day to get my KGC fix. In the meantime, I'll plan my cupcake club - anybody in?

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