Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cupcake Lawyer Makes a Mobile

I thought about changing the name of this blog, which sadly, only I read, to "Cupcake Lawyer Plans a Wedding", kinda a take on the Amelia Bedelia book titles, but then I remembered that I have so many fantastic hobbies that the world (ha!) would be missing out on if I only wrote about wedding crafting (DIY save-the-date photos coming soon)...

For example, I love knitting! What began as a way to bring down my stress level and stop my boss from calling me "the potential office shooter" has become a passion of miniature proportions. Yes, miniature. Mini knitted creatures. They are super creepy and I love them.

My fish, Grover T. Fish, also loves them. His bowl is like a knitted creature backdrop just waiting to be photographed!

Since I seriously can't get enough of making these little creepers, and baby blankets are so boring to make, in a moment of drunken inspiration I decided that what I really wanted to make for my co-worker's new addition was a knitted mobile! Now, the soon-to-be proud papa, YR, is from South Africa and took his wife on an amazing safari there, so I knew that the mobile had to be safari themed. I took the patterns for the monkey, lion and elephant from Anna Hrachovec's Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi, and made up the patterns for the giraffe and hippo myself. Luckily, I have a creative and handy fiancee with access to a laser cutter who created the plastic heart base. Chris brought it home last night and eight buttons and an episode of the "Bachelor" later, the mobile was complete:

(excuse the blur...)

I wrapped it in the perfect animal print paper and brought it to YR this morning. It turns out that I was just in time - he received a call an hour later from his wife telling him to meet her at the hospital! Welcome to the world, Chloe Maya!

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